Got a spare several minutes? (you probably don’t) Well watch this video after the jump.

In fact, with eight worldwide locations, six time zones, and roughly fifty people involved, IDEO’s Global Chain Reaction looked more like a blueprint for possible points of failure than a functioning Rube Goldberg machine designed to run sequentially across three continents.

IDEO Global Chain Reaction from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.

More information on this amazing machine here.

Now for a few more timewasters as today winds up. Firstly, the British show off their ability to store two Lambos.

Secondly, the British show us how you really should get home.

Thirdly, the British some guy gives an a capella tribute to John Williams.

Finally, here is a complete timeline of Lego Minifigs.

Courtesy of Gizmodo

From Gizmodo


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